The 8 limbs of Yoga by Patanjali

The 8 limbs of Yoga defined by Patanjali 2500 years ago was the first structured system around yoga and a step-by-step guide to reach Samadhi – the highest level of consciousness. 

The limbs build on each other and represent the different stages one has to go through to reach Samadhi.

The stages are:

1. Yama – Universal principles of living a yogi life style 

2. Niyama – Guidelines for our inward attitude towards ourselves

3. Asanas – the physical practice of yoga 

4. Pranayama – breathing exercises to expand prana (life force)

5. Pratyahara – the withdrawal of senses and concentration

6. Dharana – Focusing of consciousness 

7. Dhyana – the meditative state 

8. Samadhi – Complete integration of body, mind, and spirit or union with the Devine. 

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