Nature Wisdom Group Classes
in Caversham

Outdoor Group Classes in Caversham

These yoga classes aim to connect us deeper to nature and our true selves through ancient traditions from around the world.
I incorporate vinyasa, yin and restorative styles in my classes depending on the energy levels of the group that day.


The class will be adapted to all levels.
Everyone is welcome!

Bring a mat and a mug. 

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Wilderness Yoga has the mission to reconnect people with nature through yoga and meditation. There is no better way to fulfil that aim than by being outside surrounded by fresh air, birds singing and Reading’s beautiful river front. Classes take place every Saturday 9am at the River Promenade (Christchurch Meadows). Each class is one hour long and includes asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.
The class will be adapted to all levels.
Everyone is welcome!

Classes are 60 minutes long + time for Chai tea
(Summer only)

Private yoga classes

I offer private yoga classes one to one or in small groups up to 3 people max. Whether you like powerful yang or relaxing yin poses…we will find your pace. 
After a quick consultation we will design a customised class for your individual level and conditions. This class is also recommended for people with injuries and specific needs. It also can be a great opportunity to workshop some asanas for example if you are very new to yoga and to avoid common mistakes in postures and potential injuries.

Classes are 60 minutes long
One to One for £30/ person


Membership options:
Private class once per week 1:1 at Wilderness Yoga studio for £100/month
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Please sign up to my “Yoga letters”.

They will inform you about new offerings and will give you access to weekly yoga class recordings.